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Pinned topic SmartCloud Monitoring - Application Insight V1.2 is now available

‏2013-12-18T17:48:13Z |

SCM-AI V1.2 eGA'ed on 12/13/2013 and is available on Pass Port Advantage, search to the assembly part number CRPR9ML or product name IBM SmartCloud Monitoring - Application Insight v1.2  

The Trial Version of code is available at

Publications can be found at!/wiki/Cloud%20Consumer%20Monitoring/page/SCM-AI%20Documentation

In addition to the release one support for monitoring Linux Operating Systems and Web Response Time Monitoring (which is enhanced in release 2) monitoring for the following was added

Monitoring for Windows OS
Monitoring for Ruby
Monitoring for MongoDB
Monitoring for MySQL
Monitoring for WebSphere Applications

In addition the Application Performance Monitoring User Interface replaced the release 1 user interface.