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‏2013-10-28T05:34:59Z | doors dxl monkey rpe


I have been working with DOORS and RPE for some time now and have noticed that users often use similar document attributes.

To this end i have built a script for DOORS that:

Creates a number of useful DOORS attributes

Provides a gui to allow the user to maintain the attributes

Attempts to populate the attributes with DOORS info i.e Project name with containing DOORS project name

Provides a number of Object level attributes to categorise different object types (e.g. heading, requirement etc)

Attempts to add caption objects to OLE's and DOORS tables

Adds an index of requirements using DOORS Object ID

Additionally I have added a possible solution for maintaining a version control rather than adding a DOORS table or embedding a word table in an object.

This also provides a Gui for user management  ( plus a bonus picture of a monkey for your enjoyment!)

I have also created a an RPE template and spec to demonstratethe usage ( Created in RPE

The attached zip file contains an info doc explaining all the features and attributes used

Hope it helps - Updated 27/02/14


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    Re: RPE And DOORS - Addin script


    Great stuff Chris, thanks for sharing.

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    Re: RPE And DOORS - Addin script


    Have updated the script to handle OLE's and pictures better.


    The script is now located at : RPE Macros