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Pinned topic How to export the values from to EXCEL column wise

‏2014-04-10T18:00:14Z | doors;dxl

Hello All,

I need to export the obtained values in the column wise format.

I have declared an array to store all the values to be exported.

For e.g.:

Stream stat = null

stat<<"code forvalues of the attribute will come "

string strexport[6]

Item itm

string strfolder = ""

int I = 0

for itm in fol do


     for I in 0:5 do


    strexport[i] = 0


   strfolder = name(itm)

    strexport[0]  = strfolder

/* Code for the processing of other values from DOORS attributes will come and stored like strexport[1],strexport[2],etc

 for I in 0:6 do


stat<< strexport[i]

Here I am not able to get the values arranged in the column wise .But I need to differentiate the values exported to EXCEL column wise.

Now it is storing all the values in the same row. It is so confusing to read.But when I print the output in DXL window it is printing correctly.

Any help?I have just scribbled my sample code.

I need to export t the excel column wise.