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‏2013-10-23T18:55:43Z | average response time

My client (transportation) is in the process of upgrading Maximo to 7.5 for asset management. My team is tasked with performance testing the upgrade. Is there any guideline or documentation from IBM that states what the average response time should be for transaction response time. For example,

how long (response time) login should take?

how long (response time) to create a work order?

how long (response time) to search and open a work order?


  • bgbaird
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    Re: Transaction response time for Maximo


    Hi, I doubt that anyone can answer this. There are far too many variables to nail it down.

    DB, Hardware, Software, Network, Record Counts, Browser, Client, Enhancements, Customizations, Local or Cloud, DB Index Density, DB Optimization, and on and on and on....



  • swkim90049
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    Re: Transaction response time for Maximo


    We went from Maximo 6.2.8 to It took us about 20 hours... We started Thursday night and finished by Friday night. We used Saturday to further test the configuration, settings, and functionality.

    You can take a spreadsheet and perform the upgrade multiple times. Repetition will help you establish a baseline. Record how long the process takes for each step.

    Once you have your upgraded environment in place, you can perform load testing with concurrent users. Either automated software (Badboy Software) or recruit users to perform specific tasks over and over again. Turn on SQL logging and you can agree on what a start and end time per activity.

    Searching on work order depends on how you are searching. Not everyone searches the same. Are they using the Find window, List tab... or are they searching on description. All will have different response times from the database with description search being the most costly.

  • StevenShull
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    Re: Transaction response time for Maximo


    Brian sums it up well as there are no two identical situations thus they don't publish ranges. They do have recommended specifications for hardware and I would review those to ensure you meet or exceed recommendations. They also have a "Best Practices for System Performance" guide that will give some tips on how to improve Maximo performance. Please review that here:!/wiki/IBM+Maximo+Asset+Management/page/Best+practices+for+performance

    One of the things you mentioned was how long it takes to login but the first thing upon login (by default, though this is now configurable per group/user) is the start center. Every client I've ever seen has very different start centers and if result sets are written poorly/have a lot of records being queried against it can make it seem like it takes a long time to "logon".

    Similar things can be said for searching work orders. I've seen clients with 2-3k work orders and I have seen clients with millions of records.

    And that doesn't take into account the large variety of potential internet connections and connection speeds.

  • bgbaird
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    Re: Transaction response time for Maximo


    To address the login time associated with complex Start Centers, we defined a very simple default Start Center.  The addition SC tabs don't build until selected.


    Regarding record counts, here is a quick example of our production environment.

    woancestor            5,938,941
    wostatus            5,903,813
    woserviceaddress    4,802,933
    workorder            4,802,933
    multiassetlocci        4,802,681
    assethierarchy        4,122,432
    invoicematch        2,460,273
    invoicecost            2,417,942
    invoiceline            2,412,705
    workview            2,394,245
    invoicestatus        2,377,344
    rsconfig            2,338,200
    assethistory        2,297,331
    invoicetrans        1,955,342
    invoice                1,457,373
    matrectrans            1,440,979
    matusetrans            1,135,111
    escrepeattrack        1,060,468