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Pinned topic how to use gen macros in rational rhapspdy

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I am trying to use gen macros in rational  rhapsody . But it shows an error always. So please tell me how to use it properly as soon as possible.

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Rockey Bhardwaj

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    Re: how to use gen macros in rational rhapspdy


    Hi Rockey,

    If you open OXF.rpy and navigate to Macros package, you will see various macros definition defined in the framework. If you go further look into GenMacros package, you will find the definition of GEN(...). How GEN(..) should be used? My best advise to to check some of samples (e.g. HomeAlarms.rpy). You will find a lot of hits simply searching with the word "GEN" (case-sensitive option on). 

    For the error, please tell me what error are you seeing exactly? 

    Best Regard,