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Pinned topic Scripting KVM Guests - destroying and re-creating

‏2014-06-09T12:13:15Z |
Are there any practical ways of automatically killing partitions and recreating new ones of different spec e.g. 2 x 64GB becoming 1 x 128GB? 

Can these be scripted?  Are there recommended or more elegant way of achieving this?

Via an openstack based solution?

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    Re: Scripting KVM Guests - destroying and re-creating


    One easy way is to use the libvirt python bindings for scripting. Have a look at the following article for examples

    Just use the code examples to get started with since all necessary packages are already available on PowerKVM.

    Btw If you looking for a centralized management solution for creating and destroying guests on multiple PowerKVM nodes based on Openstack then there is IBM Cloud Manager with Openstack and PowerVC