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We installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus on workstations. Will work TEM client on that  workstations  with Kaspersky Antivirus ?

  • BrianPGreen
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    Re: TEM client and antivirus


    As far as I know, it should work.  The main problems that I've seen with anti-virus systems are with locking files and with changing the file content of some files that are downloaded.  Anti-virus systems and the client can co-exist peacefully nearly all of the time.  (Sorry for the super late response).

  • Tim.Rice
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    Re: TEM client and antivirus


    The usual advice is to exclude the BESClient folder path from On-Access type scanning, no matter which AV product is in use.  The BES Client works with a large number of small files that it both reads and writes to.  Also, because the BES Client process only allows itself to operate for very small increments of time, if the AV software injects itself into the read/write process, the BES Client will not be able to get as much work done before it forces itself to pause.

    This is how the BES Client keeps itself in the 1-2% CPU utilization range.