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Pinned topic Get better error detail from the XSLT activity / Saxon parser?

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Hi All, 

Just a quick note, I have found myself downloading the appropriate parser from the Saxon parser website to get access to the Transform.exe tool which allows me to pull out the exact line that has failed within the XSL stylesheet with some detail on the issue. I know CI Studio uses this certain parser and should have the capability to show this detail so I wondered if there is a way to get the Cast Iron Studio to unlock this functionality rather than just -  

Failed to transform XML, error was: javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: Failed to compile stylesheet. 1 error detected.

Or even it would be great if this was written to a log somewhere? I wouldnt mind just using the Transform tool but to use it I have to run the orchestration then download and save all local bpws:variables into an XML files and then change the XSL to locate all of these as documents... 

Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Get better error detail from the XSLT activity / Saxon parser?


    To answer my own question! Inside the Cast Iron Studio installation DIR you will find a file called error.log (Should be in the root DIR). After searching this I found - 

    Error at xsl:template on line 28 column 29 

    XPTY0020: Axis step child::*:Variable cannot be used here: the context item is
    an atomic value

    Hope this helps someone else!