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Pinned topic MQ AMQP redelivery not working

‏2017-06-16T10:25:12Z | amqp1.0 mq

I have got an application that pushes messages into a qmgr through a queue alias.  This queue alias resolves to a topic object.


There is a AMQP .net client that subscribes to this topic.  It works as expected.  But whenever there is a problem and the AMQP .net discards the message, it retries but the last message is not getting redelivered.

This is based on the scenario described here


I have tried setting up the queue alias and topics as persistent but hasnt worked.

There is a file within the mq installation but its not documented on the production documentation


Any help to resolve this is much appreciated.







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    Re: MQ AMQP redelivery not working


    Working as designed. If you need the last message to be redelivered, you need a retained publication...