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Pinned topic Cloud Computing Use Cases: Draft 1 of V4 - Service Level Agreements

‏2010-05-10T19:03:18Z |
 Draft 1 of V4, which focuses on Service Level Agreements ( SLAs), has just been posted at on the Cloud Computing Use Cases discussion group. 
We are looking for your input on the following:

1 - New use cases in which the choice of cloud service or provider hinges on the terms of the SLA would be best. Use cases that stress the SLA-related aspects of the ones already in the paper would also be really helpful.

2 - Your input on where check boxes go in the table (Section 1.6 - Cross-Reference). We would also appreciate your input on the value of the table once the table is completed.

3 - Your overall comments on the draft, and identifying anything that is missing .

Comments can be posted to .
There are some folks who may be nervous using shortened URLs. If that is the case, the Cloud Computing Use Case discussion group can be found at and look in the "FILES" section at the bottom of the home page for Draft 1 of V4.

Looking forward to your comments!
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