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How can i hide the links tab in SA

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    Re: Links tab in SA



    The following is a technote and link to another technote which mentions this.


    How do you hide the Links Chapter (Tab) in a Diagram, Symbol, or Definition in IBM Rational System Architect?


    As described in System Architect does not have a keyword to hide an entire Chapter (Tab) directly in Usrprops.Txt. The only way that someone can currently hide a Chapter is to hide all of the properties used within that Chapter.  This can be done by using the INVISIBLE keyword in Usrprops.txt.

    Sometimes a property name is hidden by a label as is the case here.
    For the Links Chapter (Tab), the only property is OSLCLink and is a property for all diagrams and definitions used for OSLC functionality.  Note: on the chapter it has the label "Links" but the actual property name is OSLCLink .
    For example, to hide the Links Chapter (Tab) for all Entity Relation diagrams, the Usrprops.txt entry is as follows:
    DIAGRAM "Entity Relation"
    For example, to hide the Links Chapter (Tab) for all BPMN Process Symbols, the Usrprops.txt entry is as follows:
    Definition "BPMN Process"


    - - - end of technote - - -


    Hope this helps.

    Frank O'Keefe