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Pinned topic BPF to ICM transition

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Hi All,

I am new to the world of ICM, so have some basic questions here....

When a case is created using IBM Case Manager Builder, how is it stored in the Content Engine. In the BPF world, a Case was a CustomObject and all the AuditHistory were saved as Bp8AuditLogItem.? How does it work in ICM?

How does ICM handle field validations on the Case Details widget?  Is there any OOTB validator that can be implemented or does it need customization?

How are the documents attached to the Case tied to them at the backend i.e. in Content Engine?

Thanks in advance....

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    Re: BPF to ICM transition


    Hi there. Here are a few answers...

    Each case type is a sub-class of the built-in "Folder" class in CE (Take a look at the hierarchy under the Folder class in FEM)

    Similarly the various Comments classes are sub-classes of the built-in "Annotation" class

    History is comprised of CE Audit definitions against the various ICM classes.

    Take a look at the ICM Redbook. It contains lots of useful background info in this area (

    You can use the External Data Service framework for field validation. Or alternatively use the widget events to create your own validation if you require total control / flexibility / etc.