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Pinned topic 3.5.2 TRIRIGA CMIS Integration: VPN Port

‏2017-04-17T15:19:26Z | cmis document management

Setting up a VPN between TRIRIGA and Filenet. 

Is there a specific port that is used for CMIS, as there is for mail server etc?

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    Re: 3.5.2 TRIRIGA CMIS Integration: VPN Port


    The CMIS integration is done via HTTP. In the, you set the URL to the CMIS server service in the property: CMIS_URL

    If that is http, then it is port 80, if it is https, then port 443, or if the port is defined in the URL, then that's the port to open.  For example if the value of CMIS_URL is then the port is 9080.