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‏2013-06-20T14:43:53Z | c dev pase


I am new to PASE and C

Since a week I have learn a lot, now my pase has a compiler (gcc) , and my hello_world program compiles and run.And  I have  got the C book from Kernighan and Ritchie.


I have found on the web a lot of example of how to handle complex situation, but I even miss the basic of a developpment environment.

Where can I learn the basic of C dev? My first question is about calling, getting answer, and handling errors. That is to say, I want to reuse my current knowledge and code.

for example, one question is

       how to run a PASE command such as /qopensys/usr/bin/ls (which is just a well known AIX program, isn't it ?) from my own C program ?

(for RPG native program, I have found an example, based on _RSLOBJ2 and _PGMCALL)