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Pinned topic where to find IBM Java runtime env 64 bit

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I have IBM java runtime env 32 bit on my Windows 7 laptop.  I need to remove this and add IBM java 64 bit. It is a requirement for a product I am using.  Where can  I find IBM 64 bit java.  Are there any known issues  with switching from 32 bit java to 64 bit java on Windows 7?   What is required to install?  I did not set up the current 32 bit java and I am not a java programmer.   Should I uninstall the 32 bit Java after I install the 64 bit or vica versa?   Thanks.

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    The IBM SDK for Windows is not available as a separate download, only as part of an IBM product. More details on the following page. This page also has a link to the IBM Development Package for Eclipse, which you can download and includes the IBM SDK for Windows: