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Pinned topic DS3400 w/ 43X0805 Read Error

‏2013-08-19T19:09:11Z |

I'm currently running a DS3400 and attempting to test multiple 43X0805's running Barts Stuff Test. All firmware on the disks has been updated to the most recent version available however when testing any drive from the manufacturer Fujitsu (Product ID MBA3300RC with FW SA0A) I get an error when trying to do a sequential read. I am testing a full enclosure of 43X0805's and only the Fujitsu drives are causing an issue. Storage Manager would lead me to believe these drives are in working order as all status are at Optimal.

Also, I would like to know what IBM DS features, third party software or utilities other customers run for testing the validity of refurbished drives. Many tools available do not work with RAID array's as they cannot access the SMART data.

Any insight on this issue that could be provided will be greatly appreciated.