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Pinned topic DS3400 Storage performance issue

‏2013-06-24T05:48:02Z | ds3400 gpfs


we recently did a firmware upgrade and see huge performance drop. we usually run a benchmark which creates 10000 files each with 100 KB.

The setup what we have is gpfs with 6 (dual) controllers with one ESM per controller. overall 12 NSD servers configured to access one NSD/server where redundancy provided through two NSDs to two servers. Each NSD is created  with one LUN. out of 12 LUNs we have 8 LUNs with 1TB SATA 7200 RPM(RAID-5) Disks and 4 with 2 TB SATA 7200RPM(RAID-6) configured.

Before the firmware upgrade, and GPFS Upgrade the 10000 files used to get written within 400 seconds now it's taking more than 35000 seconds. 

Any help to resolve this issue is much appreciated. My target is to bring down the benchmark below 300 Seconds.