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Pinned topic Messaging internals of a Queue Manager

‏2019-03-26T15:05:05Z | and buffer file log non-persistent persistent queue

Hi Team,

I have read several articles and got confused on how does the message is processed by a queue manager on being put by an application.

My understanding is - When a message is put by the application depending on whether its persistent /Non - persistent  mode of storage is selected.

A persistent message to a queue is written to a log file and at the check point if the message is still there it is synchronized with the queue file and point of consistency is marked.

Whereas a non-persistent message never goes to a log file and is only kept in Queue Buffer which on getting filled spills to Queue File (Disk)


Please let me know how does Queue Non - persistent buffer and Persistent buffer come into this message processing and if my above understanding is correct.


Thank You