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Hi Guys, is it possible expand a Mdisk?
eg. I have an existing Mdisk in Raid 5 with 3 hard disks. So I acquire one more hard disk and I would like to add in this Mdisk. 
In the Ds3500 it is possible, but I don't found this feature in v3700/v7000.  Somebody can inform me please?!


  • chriscanto
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    Re: Mdisk Expansion V7000/v3700


    I'm afraid you can't do this yet on the SVC/Storwize family.

    The common approaches to overcome this seem to be:

    1. use the migration or volume copy features to migrate the data to an intermediate storage pool, delete the current array, create a new array that includes the new drives, migrate/mirror the data back.
    2. use the new drives to create a new array (mdisk) and add that to the existing storage pool to expand the capacity.

    Both those options are non-disruptive.  The first obviously requires that you have enough free storage capacity elsewhere to do the temporary "swing".  The second requires that you've got enough new drives to warrant making a new array from them (i.e. not appropriate if you're just talking about adding a single drive).

  • kopper
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    Re: Mdisk Expansion V7000/v3700


    here you can add an vote or make a comment for this needed feature

    Add additional member to an existing V7000 array


  • CCesario
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    Re: Mdisk Expansion V7000/v3700


    Thanks  chriscanto and kopper.

    I already voted and commented the needed feature.