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Pinned topic DB2 10.1 in Windows 2008 cluster

‏2013-06-05T08:56:58Z | 2008 cluster windows


Has anyone sucessfully installed DB2 with Fixpack 2 in a Windows 2008 R2 SP 2 cluster?

When I run the precheck it complains about that I don´t run SP 2 for Windows 2008, but there is only SP1 for Windows 2008 R2.

During the installation I check "Enable operating system security" and enter the following Windows Active Directory groups (domain local):


As I understand these names are compliant to DB2 naming standard.

But when I click Next the installationg crashes.

I have therefore completed the installation by using the default local groups. Later I have used the following command to change the groups:

db2extsec /u domain\DSA-PRSWDB2USERPR /a domain\DSA-PRSWDB2ADMINPR

I am able to start DB2 manually by db2start but when I try using the Windows cluster it fails and I don´t get any real information why. Because of DB2 not starting there is no DB2 log to examine. I guees there is some issue with Windows permissions.

I have used the following DB2 Redbook:

Have clustered the instance using similar commands:

db2iclus MIGRATE /i:DB2HA  /p:\\DB2HA-Group\DB2HA-0-Prof /u:TOROLAB\anas.mosaad:

db2iclus ADD /i:DB2HA /p:\\DB2HA-Group\DB2HA-0-Prof /u:TOROLAB\anas.mosaad /m:winNode101

The database is not partitioned but as I understand I must use a network path for the instance profile path according to (earlier I have used drive letters like F:\DB2):

"Multiple partition instances: When a multiple partition instance is running on
a Windows Failover Cluster, the INSTPROF path must be set to a network path
(for example, \\NetName\DB2MSCS-DB2\DB2PROFS). If you are using a single
partition ESE instance, set the instance profile to a network path."

When I create the DB2 resource in the Windows cluster I make sure that the name of the resource matches the Windows service name. I use a Windows domain account to start the service.

The Windows domain accounts for the DB2 services (instance and DAS) and the domain local groups (for DB2 admins and users) are all members of the local administrator group of both servers in the cluster.

Any help appreciated.

Regards Jerry