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‏2013-04-18T21:57:18Z | custom soap

I have copied the SOAP perl sample, but am getting the following error.  According to our BigFix admin, we do not use roles, but based on the error he created one and assigned my userId to it.  The expression submitted is just 'now'.

I have also tried the sample for creating a new user.  While I did not expect that to work based on my permissions, but I received the same error message.

Is there some that has to be configured either on the server or the role for BES to respond successfully to SOAP requests?


faultcode: env:Client
faultstring: Access denied: credentials accepted, but you must have at least one assigned or inherited role in order to log in. Please contact your administrator.


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    Re: SOAP API - Perl


    Did you create the user account in web reports for use with the SOAP API?


    Dan Bryngelson

    Gulf Breeze Software Partners