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Pinned topic ISD 6.3.2 uninstall fails on AIX.

‏2013-08-14T11:42:38Z | 6.3.2 aix fails isd lpar uninstall

I'm trying to uninstall ISD Server from AIX (and I'm getting the message:

"ALR0450W: Waiting for connection to the administration port.  61372"

above message repeats and the uninstall never seems to complete - before you say "leave it for a while" - I did.  I left it for hours one day (6+) and still the same!  I used the "diruninstall" command at the beginning to attempt the uninstall.

The port number changes every time I try the uninstall, it seems, but it always gets stuck trying to uninstall the Common Agent - that's the section it seems to reach and then repeats the above message.

I've followed various manual uninstall procedures and killed lots of processes but I can't get past the Common Agent and of course, this causes other components to fail the uninstall as well (Platform Agent), as they rely on the Common Agent to be uninstalled first.

I've looked at:!/wiki/W3e8d1c956c32_416f_a604_4633cd375569/page/Uninstall%20IBM%20Systems%20Director%20on%20AIX

The latter link is pointed to by the ISD 6.3.3 release InfoCentre - this is what's recommended in the Troubleshooting section.

I need a way to find all remaining processes, stop them and then kill them and finally, try the uninstall one last time.


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    Re: ISD 6.3.2 uninstall fails on AIX.


    I'm experiencing the same issue, has anyone from ISD support found a solution or possible fix to this?