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We currently have iOS and Android agents installed in the environment and we are using MDM 2.1.1 with TEM 9.0. We have realized that the end user is able to uninstall the agents interface, in both platforms. Is there a way to avoid the enduser to uninstall the agents?

With Android this is possible if the user disable the Admin mode. With iOS  We need to uninstall the agent app. In this last case, we are still able to manage the device using the profile installed but this profile can also be removed. I can only set password for the others profiles like restriction.

Any help will be welcome.

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    Re: Avoid enduser to remove the agent


    Hi riml,

    In general, Apple iOS and Android always allow apps and profiles to be removed by the user and you can't prevent users from removing them. However, there are a couple exceptions: If you use "Supervise mode" or "Guided mode" ( on Apple iOS, you can lock the user from removing the profiles. Also, on some newer Samsung SAFE-enabled phones, you can prevent users from removing an app.