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Pinned topic Updating BNT 2/3 Gb switch (Blade Center E)

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Hello, could anyone help me. I've made a mistake, I've upgrade image 2 on my EL4512029 BNT 2/3 Gb switch but forgot update boot. After reboot it won't start. It starts memory test, then write "Linux loading......" and then write "./mp.elf.strip: /lib/ version 'GLIBC_2.4' not found. then it reboot itself. I will be very appreciate any help.

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    Re: Updating BNT 2/3 Gb switch (Blade Center E)


    you will need to hook a console cable up to the switch and interrupt the boot process by hitting shift-b during the memory test.  You can then switch to image1, or do xmodem transfers of the proper images.