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‏2017-05-11T14:27:58Z | mq8 mqi windows

My team has developed an MQI application that relies on imqc23vn.dll. This works fine in Windows Server 2008, but in Server 2016 on an otherwise identical environment, the DLL causes a fault exception code 0xc0000005 (displayed in Windows Event Viewer) every time our application (installed as a service) attempts to use it. 


Has anyone encountered anything similar? Is it possible this is simply a Server 2016 incompatibility? I know MQ is not officially supported on 2016, but everything else about MQ is working perfectly (we have created queues and successfully sent messages to those queues), so it seems odd that this particular DLL would be an issue.


The MQ version we're using is I note that imqc23vn does not seem to have been updated in MQ v9.


Thanks for any thoughts and let me know if you have questions.