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Pinned topic 10.1 installation on osx 10.9 (Maverick)

‏2013-11-25T22:36:51Z | 10.9 error installation mac maverick osx

I am attempting to install Express-C on os/x V10.9 Maverick.


When I run DB2_INSTALL, I get the following messages:

DBI1189E There has been an attempt to use db2_install
on an image for a platform that does not match the current platform
'Darwin [x86_64]' on which it is being run.

- This DB2 install image is not valid for the current

The current platform is not supported by DB2.


The installation quits.


Please assist.



  • reblu
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    Re: 10.1 installation on osx 10.9 (Maverick)


    I have found the problem for this error.

    the installation and building of the db2 instance went with no errors.

    Now I issue a "db2 start dbm" results in the following errors:

    db2 => start dbm
    SQL1220N  The database manager failed to allocate shared memory.

    Could this be a 10.9, Maverick, issue?

    I have another machine running 10.8.6 and V10.1 runs with no problem.