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Pinned topic Eclipse runtime vs. Liberty Profile

‏2013-10-14T11:52:00Z |

I'm wondering if anyone tried deploying Eclipse runtime bundles on Liberty Profile?

I've tried to develop an application that depends on Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). Unfortunately, EMF bundles have strict dependency (using Require-Bundle) on Eclipse core bundles. I've followed the path of putting all required libraries into my liberty profile server's shared libraries directory, but ended up with the following message:

[ERROR   ] Unable to resolve bundles for subsystem/version/id myapp.application/ [mybundle_1.0.0.201310141238 [165], org.osgi.service.subsystem.region.context.38_1.0.0 [151]]
[AUDIT   ] CWWKZ0403E: A management exception was generated when trying to install the application myapp.application into an OSGi framework.  The error text from the OSGi framework is: Framework could not resolve the bundles
[AUDIT   ] CWWKZ0012I: The application myapp.application was not started.

I've attached my EBA's manifest and server.xml. The jars for bundles mentioned in application's manifest all exist in the lib directory.

Thanks for any help in advance!