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‏2015-09-11T15:07:22Z | aix7.2 beta

The AIX 7.2 Beta is now available for partners and selected customers.  As always with AIX, Binary Compatibility continues with the AIX 7.2 release, so if your applications run on AIX 6.1 or 7.1, they'll also run on AIX 7.2. For more on Binary Compatibility, go here.


You can access the Beta in one of several ways: 

Note: To participate through the ESP, you will need an activation key.  To obtain a key, fill out the form.

At a glance, the AIX 7.2 release includes the following new function:

AIX Live Update for Interim Fixes.

• Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) automation with repository replacement mechanism.

• SRIOV-backed Virtual Network Interface Card (VNIC).

• RDSv3 over RoCE adds support of the Oracle RDSv3 protocol over the

Mellanox Connect RoCE adapters.

• CAPI (Coherently Accelerator Processor Interface) infrastructure and support

for CAPI attached flash storage.

• Flash caching. Workloads can take advantage of a read-only cache.


We look forward to your participation and feedback!


Additional Information (September 17, 2015):

  • AIX 7.2 only supports POWER7, and POWER8 Systems
  • Except for several specific features, AIX 7.2 is compatible with all levels of firmware and VIOS that are supported on POWER7 & POWER8 Systems
  • The Power Development Cloud is now available for Beta Testing.
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