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‏2013-04-24T07:06:06Z | bar charts


      I have a chart builder which draws the BAR Chart for the data with name on the X-Axis and Value on the Y-Axis. There are possibilities that the y-axis values might range between 0 and positive numbers but not an negative value.

Issue is when the values are zero on Y-Axis, am getting the negative scale on the y-axis [y-axis has -1 , 0 ,1 values] , which does not make sense on my case , since value would not have the negative values. It should start from zero.

Also on the chart builder , on axis properties if i give the Y-Axis min value to zero, It does not show up the x axis values.

Could anyone help me getting this issue resolved

Attached the image of the chart and the sample model

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    Re: Bar Chart Y Axis Negative Scale Issue


    In order to display the Y-Axis properly, you must provide both a Scale Min and Scale Max value for the Y-Axis properties.  Note that these values can be indirect references to a Variable or Method in your model allowing appropriate values to be calculated dynamically based on the data being rendered.

    There may also be settings in the ILOG Charts Designer that can be set in the chart style to force the Y-Axis to display as you wish.  You can install the ILOG Charts Designer and use it to customize the built-in Bar chart style.


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