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Pinned topic VS 2013 problems with Express-C on Windows

‏2014-04-08T14:57:42Z | 2013 vs

I have just downloaded the Express-C 10.5 version for Windows x64. After rebooting, when trying to invoke the "Configure DB2 .NET Provider" absolutely nothing happens, but it would appear that the app has modified the machine.config files in .NET correctly (e.g. adding the data for "IBM DB2 .NET Data Provider 10.5.1").

What does NOT work, however, is the integration with Visual Studio 2013. Normally, you would assume that the installation program had added an entry to:


as indeed is the case for the provider to work from within Visual Studio, but that appears not to be the case - and hence the driver is NOT available within VS 2013. Similarly, I can't locate any corresponding .reg files anywhere in the installation.

Any solution/workaround will be highly appreciated.