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Pinned topic Calculation across queries in Cube Reports

‏2014-02-07T11:07:31Z |

Hi All,

I have transformer cube published as a data source and a package on which I am creating a report in Report Studio. I have used two queries "query1" and "query2". In "query1", I have used two dimension "dim1" and "dim2" in rows and one metric "met1" in column. In "query"2", I have used three dimension "dim1", "dim2", "dim3" and a metric "met2". Now, my requirement is two created a third metric which will be equal to "met2"/"met1"*100. I can not use this in a single formual since "met1" is not calculated on "dim3" and hence returns blank cells. Can anyone please help me out how can I achieve this? Both query1 and query2 are used in there corresponding crosstabs.

Thanks You.