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Pinned topic Enhanced path validation prior to agent installation (Windows)

‏2014-07-02T08:29:03Z | installation path validation windows

SUBJECT: Enhanced validation of installation path provided by the user


After user downloads and extracts agent installation image, and then starts the installation script, he can either provide custom name of the installation directory or use the default path (C:\IBM\ITM).
The name of the IBM Tivoli Monitoring installation directory cannot exceed 80 characters or contain non-ASCII, special, or double-byte characters. The directory name can contain only these characters: "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ _\:0123456789()~-./".
When providing installation path, user needs to be aware of specifics of Windows command-line mode (path containing space or parenthesis need to be enclosed in quotation marks).
If path does not follow the restrictions, user is informed about path specifics and installation is aborted.


C:\images\apd_agents>os-agent.bat install c:\my#test@dir
KCICF9045E: The installation path cannot exceed 80 characters or contain non-ASCII, special or double-byte characters. Specify corrected path and restart the installation.

C:\images\apd_agents>os-agent.bat install c:\my_test~dir
The Prerequisite Scanner will be used to check the system.
Preparing the Prerequisite Scanner to run.
Setting Prerequisite Scanner output directory to user defined directory: c:\my_test~dir\InstallITM\prereqscan\20140701_152031\

IBM Prerequisite Scanner
    Build:     20140505
    OS name:   Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
    User name: Administrator

Machine Information
    Machine name:      NC045161
    Serial number:     VMware-50 20 84 32 a4 90 2c 5d-a0 7d dc 5a 73 89 31 a3
    OS serial number:  55041-507-0495021-84620

Scenario:  Prerequisite Scan

KNT - KNT [version 06300233]:

KGL - KGL [version 06350500]:

KGS - KGS [version 08005005]:

Overall result: PASS

Detailed results are also available in: c:\my_test~dir\InstallITM\prereqscan\20140701_152031\result.txt
Installation destination path: c:\my_test~dir
Installing core framework...


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