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We have a core plugin for our standard  roles.  I created a practice plug in that defines some tasks and assigned core roles as performers on these.  In another plugin, I created a capability pattern and included those tasks within it.  The task descriptors are created ok, and the work products are properly reflected within the task descriptor, but none of the roles is coming over.  The role plug in is included as a referenced plug in on both of the other plug ins/  Is there something else I should be doing to get the roles to come over with the task descriptor?

Charlie Wainwright

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    Re: Roles usage in Capability Patterns


    Is the roles plugin included in the configuration?

  • BruceMacIsaac
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    Re: Roles usage in Capability Patterns


    I generally recommend:

    1. Making sure the library is "autosync" (it's an option when creating a library, or you can convert using preferences).

    2. NOT assigning a configuration to your capability patterns and processes.

    When you do the above 2 things, then when you publish, the descriptors in the delivery process will be consistent with the method elements (tasks, roles and work products).  If a role is associated with the task, then you will see the role in the capability pattern containing the task.

    However, as Aditya Musunuri notes in the previous reply, if you don't include the role plugin in the configuration, then you won't see the role on either the descriptors or the method elements.