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Pinned topic Is IBM x3550 M3 Compatible with HP SAS Controller

‏2013-07-17T14:24:56Z | controller hp m3 sas x3550


We have an IBM x3550 M3 Server and we are trying to add a HP P212/256 Smart Array Controller to it.

However, once I've installed the card and boot the server with I get a white IBM screen coming up and it states that it is 'Initializing Disks and Adapters', then I get a screen that says something like 'HP P212 Smart Controller..... Initializing' at the top and this stays for a about 10 seconds, then the screen goes black and nothing happens resulting in the server just hanging and not booting into the VMWare OS.


The HP Smart Array P212 Controller has a server interface of x8 and wired for x8, of PCIe 2.0 specification and of Low Profile PCIe Form Factor.


Can you please confirm whether the x3550 M3 servers x16 low profile riser slot (46M1070  5076 -IBM System x3550 M3 PCI-Express (1x16) Riser Card) will take x8 form factor cards and function at x8 speed?




Trevor Cole

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    Re: Is IBM x3550 M3 Compatible with HP SAS Controller


    Dear  Trevor,

    see non-IBM parts compatibility list:

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    Re: Is IBM x3550 M3 Compatible with HP SAS Controller


    Don't know whether you resolved this issue since your question dates mid-year; so just in case I want you to know that I have tried the P800 in an X8 slot on X3650 M2/M3 and it worked flawlessly. All my servers are set to boot in uEFI mode only (BIOS disabled) but they even work under BIOS because sometimes I need to update the firmware of the servers and I do this with a BoMC USB stick and I have to temporarily enable BIOS mode because the linux distro BoMC relies on doesn't like uEFI and even under BIOS while upgrading firmware the controller was there and all the drives were accesible. The P800 is 8X but works under 4X slots also and of course on a 16X one; this I can assure for my past experience with HP servers. The P800 was LSI based, the P212 series are Adaptec based, but although I didn't use one I suppose there should be no difference. If there's anything I can do for you feel free to ask. Besides: the non-IBM compatibility charts are almost useless; they only provide info about (mostly) external products which of course they work because they are all standard-SAS; don't expect IBM (or HP or whatever) to supply such data. Check sites like or the like. Most of this products (I mean controllers) are just rebranded product lines with custom firmware to limit what you can do with (aka downgrade) them.