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Pinned topic Unload of BLOB Data from iSeries is not treated as a BLOB

‏2013-12-18T19:09:01Z | as400 blob iseries

I am moving a table from an iSeries server that contains a BLOB column to a DB2 LUW db on windows.  From what I understand IDMT should place the BLOB data in a separate file but it is being included in the text file with all the other columns and the data also looks like it went through an ebcdic to ascii conversion.  I saw another thread that had a similar issue coming from an Oracle db and the column wasn't being treated as a blob during unload and load but there was no resolution ever given in that thread.  The DDL correctly defines the column as a BLOB.   Can anyone help?  I am currently using Version 2.00-b2126,



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    Re: Unload of BLOB Data from iSeries is not treated as a BLOB



    Sorry the this late answer.

    For the data movement, I use the federation feature of DB2 and load from cursor command : that works fine with several type of columns if the initial data was correctly encoded on iSerie.

    I use IDMT only to generate DDL.

    Note that you need a DB2 Connect license to use federation feature.