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Pinned topic api requester program failing with soc1 in baqwebt

‏2018-12-27T09:13:37Z | requester zosconnect



I have developed a cobol batch API requester program to invoke a cics api deployed on zos connect server.

We are currently facing issue at the call to communication stub 'BAQCSTUB' from our cobol batch program. We are facing SOC1 issue with below error.

'The system detected an operation exception (System Completion Code=0C1)

From compile unit //'ZOSCONN.B.OPEN.STREAM.BAQSRC(BAQWEBT)' at entry po-15DD3720 at entry offset -15DD3720 at address 00000000.' Possible bad branch'


Currently, we have added load lib for BAQCSTUB in our job. We suspect that there is some issue when some programs or utilities are called from BAQWEBT. Can you please let us know if we need to use any other load lib for BAQWEBT apart from the load for BAQCSTUB.





  • Andrew_Murphy
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    Re: api requester program failing with soc1 in baqwebt



    You should not need any other loadlib other than BAQCSTUB. You are calling address 00000000 to give you the soc1. If you have POSIX ON and linked RENT, then you should look at the parameters passed in on the call to BAQCSTUB. The request and the response are pointers to pointers. If called with just a pointer you might deference to address 00000000. You should get more information if you switch VERBOSE=ON in your JCL.