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Pinned topic ODBC driver update from 6 to 7

‏2013-05-09T14:28:07Z |


We have test application for Soliddb 6. We did get strange behavior after upgrade it to Soliddb 7.

If we use IBM solidDB 7.0 32-bit - (ANSI)-driver it did not store blob- and memo-columns in INSERT-statements at all. Strange thing is that Solis says Success and nothing is there. Same code works fine with Soliddb 6.

If we use older ODBC driver (SOLID ODBC Driver 6.0 - ANSI) ) against Soliddb7 it also works. What might be wrong?


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    Re: ODBC driver update from 6 to 7


    Hi Janne,

    We have several blob-related tests in our test suite and we have not seen any problems between solidDB 6 and solidDB 7. Would it be possible to get a sample code that shows the problem?