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Pinned topic Firmware Assisted Dump on RHEL 7 ?

‏2014-08-04T07:17:56Z | assisted dump fadump firmware


I see that Firmware Assisted Dump, a unique feature available on LoP, is available on SLES 11 already, and was expected to be available on RHEL 7. 

Is it available now on RHEL 7 as planned ?

I searched google but found no announcement.

Any comment would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  • Bill_Buros
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    Re: Firmware Assisted Dump on RHEL 7 ?


    We should have a detailed response soon.      I am told it is enabled in RHEL 7.0 - which is available today.        

  • MaheshSal
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    Re: Firmware Assisted Dump on RHEL 7 ?


    Fadump support in kernel is present in RHEL7.0, but currently fadump does not get enabled automatically by system-conifg-kdump tool on Red Hat and needs manual steps to enable it. Please refer to Red Hat article at Red Hat customer portal on how to enable fadump in RHEL7.0.

    To be able to automatically detect and enable fadump, changes are required in existing kdump infrastructure (kdump service) present in userland. We
    are working closely with Red Hat to push these changes to fully enable fadump in future RHEL releases.