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Pinned topic fails to authenticate

‏2013-10-30T18:53:25Z |

I was trying to install beta 3 and since you can't upgrade from beta 2 to beta 3, I tried to use and to migrate my scopes, profiles, CST and access list. fails on auththentication


[taddmusr@taddm-vnext165 bin]$ ./ -u administrator -p collation -a export -t all -f /tmp/taddm_datamover.xml

Error : java.rmi.RemoteException: Calling method login on proxy for service ApiServerServiceInterface failed permanently

Ended with errors, check /opt/IBM/taddm/dist/log/tomcat.log
  • Ray Ryjewski
    Ray Ryjewski
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    Re: fails to authenticate


    Restarted TADDM and it succeeded