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I'm having a hard time troubleshooting a connection to DCAS. I have my plugin configured in Web Express Login. I'm using DCAS certificate based SSO. I can't get past the following error, and have no idea if its even getting a certificate from the keystore. Is there more logging or tracing settings I can set? I've gone through the options in the, but nothing really pops out. 

ERROR CMPIE015 No certificate was provided, so a passticket request can not be made.                                                                                                                              

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    Re: DCAS Certificate based connection


    The best place to start on this issue is looking at your custom java file used for the Plugin creation as that file usually creates the ticket

  • george.baker
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    Re: DCAS Certificate based connection


    Is sounds to me like you did not create your keyring P12 file containing the client certificate.  Remember, that connection is mutually authenticated, both sides provide certificates and each side must recognize the other before the SSL connection can be made.  The message you see clearly states that you did not provide the client's certificate.