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Hi, I'm trying to work out how busy the fibre adapters are on our VIOS servers. We use NPIV. From what I can see the viostat doesn't give me this info.

When I run vios_advisor then I get a peak and average % busy for each adapter which is good, and I believe, but can't find anywhere to confirm that this is for the whole adapter, and includes what is happening with the NPIV clients. Does anyone know if this is the case or not?

If so it would be nice to know how it obtains the stats, as I'd like to be able to find out when the peak occurs, and for how long, not just what the peak was over a given period.


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    Re: vios advisor fc adapter stats


    Client NPIV breakdowns are not available via on the VIOS at this time. The lab is aware of this issue but I do not have an ETA on any future feature.