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Pinned topic How can I change the SYSTEM user password?

‏2017-05-30T08:20:46Z |

We have a requirement from our customer, that for SOX compliance reasons we need to change the SYSTEM user password in TRIRIGA.

We have done this in the past, however with the old way that we did it the option now appears to have become read only so we can't do it the same way.

Any ideas how we can update this password now?

We are running platform version and application version 10.5.

  • Casey Cantwell
    Casey Cantwell
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    Re: How can I change the SYSTEM user password?


    Here are some  potential things to look at that is likely preventing you from updating the password.

    1.  The user you are logged in with does not have security access to update the password, or a workflow has triggered on the record that has modified the meta data, and made the password fields or its section non editable.

    2.  The record you are working with is in a state that only supports read only actions.  This makes the record non editable.  


    If you are logged in as admin and cannot modify the password, I'd confirm the system user is still part of the admin group.  If you are trying to change the system password as another user that is not admin, I would put that user in the admin group temporarily to see if this gets past your issue.


    If you can confirm a user in the admin group cannot modify the record, I would look at workflows changing the meta data and the record state.


    If you cannot access the account as the system user, you can temporarily clear the system password to blank, so you can than login as admin and reset the password.  update user_credentials set password = where user_account = 'system'


    Hope this helps.