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Pinned topic How can we speed up HATS

‏2013-07-22T12:43:11Z |

We're running HATS 7.5 against a legacy system.

A transaction of about 30 screens takes about 15 seconds. Our customer is very dissatisfied with this speed.

I experimented with the pausetime parameter of HAScript. At 250 the macros worked. Below that the system was unreliable.

What else can we do to speed up the system?



  • tmparker
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    Re: How can we speed up HATS

    ‏2013-07-22T14:48:54Z  in response to EliLato1

    Hi Eli,

    I guess my first bit of confusion is why would the macro be unreliable when the pausetime is less than 250ms?  I have never had an issue with a macro unless I went somewhere around 10ms, and even then that was only on a rare occasion.  What is failing in your macro?



    • george.baker
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      Re: How can we speed up HATS

      ‏2013-07-26T22:45:37Z  in response to tmparker

      This must be a 3270 based application, because 5250 applications will work reliably at 10ms or less.  Therefore you are a 3270 based application.  

      The only way to reliably get your response time down is to implement TN3270e with contention resolution.  Once done I have applications running successfully under heavy load with a pausetime of 0ms.

      You first your host must support both Tn3270e and be enabled for contention resolution, SNAEXT=yes.  Second you must specify 3270e connection.  The default for this connection is to enable contention resolution.  

      All current IBM TN3270 servers support contention resolution.  If you are running another vendors IP  stack you are stuck.  The only one that I know if that supports contention resolution is IBMs stack.

      Good luck.