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‏2013-07-11T18:09:35Z | deployment lifecycle os osd server tem

We are in the process of configuring a bare metal installation setup with Tivoli Endpoint Manager. Under the Systems Lifecycle > OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging > Health Checks it says we need to upload Server Executables. The available documentation OSD_Users_Guide says they are on the FixCentral site.

"Before managing the bare metal servers, you must
upload the bare metal installer of the OS Deployment Server x86 and x64. Use the
latest release of the server installer that you can download from Fix Central in the
Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment portal."

However, I've spent hours digging through FixCentral and do not see anything but fixpacks for the Provisioning Manager itself (which for some reason we cannot download "for entitlement reasons", which seems to indicate they are unrelated).

Can someone point us to a *specific* download location for these files?

That would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Server Executables Download Location?


    Hi Jeff,

    Do you have a full version of the Systems Lifecycle management module or do you have the starter kit? (the latter doesn't entitle you to OSD)

    The reason I ask that is that it appears that you aren't entitled to TPMfOSD. If you are in fact entitled, you should call the passport advantage helpline to get them to fix the problem. 

    The actual executables themselves are on fix central as the documentation suggests. TPMfOSD Fixpacks rolls into all the required installables including the base server executables and services (as well as the fixpack). The executables on fix central should be what you are looking for.