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I have AppScan on a windows VM and I'm trying to scan an installation of our product on another subnet. I can manually explore with no issues but, as soon as I click the scan button I get an error "The scan has stopped because the following server has stopped responding.". I've done this before with other subnets and there were no issues. I have confirmed that there are no firewalls present.

To recap - I can explore a site, but not scan.



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    Re: Server stopped responsing


    Can you cconfrim is the target actually responding at the time or not?  You could either check server side logging if you have any, or Enabled Extended Support mode and check the http requests/responses from AppScan's Traffic log.  If its not responding it could be due to load or specific tests knocking it down.  If it is it could just be the server isnt responding to AppScans test hearbeat, which you can disable in Configuration/Advanced configurat/check for server down in test phase