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‏2013-05-24T15:19:53Z | cloud orchestrator smartcloud

Welcome to the IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator forum, where users can discuss technical topics related to the product and address questions they might have.

SmartCloud Orchestrator has just been released. It is IBM's new private cloud offering based on OpenStack and other cloud standards. 

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides the following features and benefits:

You can read more about it in the Announcement Letter and we would be very happy to see you join the SmartCloud Orchestrator beta program.

My name is Birgit Nuechter, and I am the Field Quality Manager for SmartCloud Orchestrator. This forum is a discussion platform and does not replace or should be considered as a replacement for the IBM support. I hope you find this forum useful and it helps in the formation of an online user community.

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    Please see the SmartCloud Orchestrator Wiki for more information and pointers to resources.