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i am using IBM BPM 7.5.My application was partially uninstalled i;e application is deleted from server but not deleted from database.So while login to BPC am able to see all the processinstances exists.When am tring to deploy my same application  it , throwing below error .

Please let me know how can i delete the invalid processinstances from Database.Its urgent


[7/3/14 5:24:45:659 BST] 0000002d AdminHelper A ADMN1008I: An attempt is made to start the CitiTaxMinderWorkFlowApp application. (User ID = defaultWIMFileBasedRealm/appsupport)

[7/3/14 5:24:45:698 BST] 0000002d CompositionUn A WSVR0190I: Starting composition unit WebSphere:cuname=CitiTaxMinderWorkFlowApp in BLA WebSphere:blaname=CitiTaxMinderWorkFlowApp.

[7/3/14 5:24:46:003 BST] 0000002d ProcessEngine E CWWBD0000E: The process model with name 'AuthoriseMarketDocument' and valid from date '2011-06-14T15:43:08' already exists.

[7/3/14 5:24:46:037 BST] 0000002d ProcessContai E CWWBF0135E: Starting the process application 'CitiTaxMinderWorkFlowApp' failed due to pending process template updates.

[7/3/14 5:24:46:040 BST] 0000002d ProcessContai E CWWBA0010E: Unexpected exception during execution.

[7/3/14 5:24:46:041 BST] 0000002d ApplicationMg W WSVR0101W: An error occurred starting, CitiTaxMinderWorkFlowApp

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    Re: Delete Invalid Process Template from BPC


    As a work around  solution.Change the name of your LRP bpel.It'll allow you to deploy.