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Pinned topic Taxonomy component to list categories

‏2013-07-10T19:31:34Z |

Hello, I'm trying to simply render a list of categories under a parent category using a taxomony component.

I have an Express Web Content Viewer pointing at a content item (called Category List) that is configured with a taxomony component.

How do I get at the category names in the output of the component:

here's what I have in Unselected design output:

      <td><i>[Property context="current" type="content" field="categories"][Property context="autofill" type="auto" field="categories"][Property context="current" type="auto" field="title"]</i></td>

all I get is the name of the content item (Category List) 10 times, because there are 10 categories.

Not sure what tags to use....

Ultimately I want to make the category names clickable to then render all content in a menu with that category.

Any thoughts?