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Pinned topic Random ethernet assignment/order?

‏2013-08-13T15:22:45Z | emulex ethernet hs23

I'm getting what seems to be random ethernet assignments when doing OS installations on IBM HS23 blades that have Ethernet 1-4.  Two will be active and two will show "Network cable unplugged".  This makes it hard to use a windows image and an answer file containing a static IP address because if the ethernet connection I attempt to assign the IP to says it is unplugged, then it won't work.

I can delete the Emulex OneConnect adapters in the device manager, re-scan for changes, and have Ethernet and Ethernet 3 be connected as opposed to Ethernet 2 and Ethernet 4 previously.

How can I get a consistent adapter/ethernet connection for all installations?  I am using Windows Server 2012 but have seen the same behavior with 2008 R2.

I have tried a different adapter/binding order but that doesn't seem to be help, I still get the same problem.