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Pinned topic IBM JRE 6 webstart ssl freeze on RHEL non-root

‏2013-04-19T02:24:26Z | freeze ssl webstart


We've got a issue with the webstart version of ITM Tivoli Enterprise Portal on RHEL 6.3 and 6.4 when connecting with SSL enabled. It will simply freeze on the splash screen and a kill -9 is required to make it disapear .  It only happen when running as non-root since it's OK as root. It also won't freeze if we run it as non-root with strace, so it makes it hard to find out what's going on.  Non-SSL communication doesn't show the freezing issue

Also, we found out that enabling the java console to show is a workaround for the problem, but it's pretty annoying to have the java console popping up and stealing focus every time a JVM is started (even applets !). Does anybody knows what could be going on ?.

Client-side java is IBM Java 6.0 SR13 FP1 32bits. Sun Java 6.0 Update 17 also has the problem.

Running on Windows 7 VM on top of the same linux doesn't have the issue, but on Windows, I'm the administrator so maybe it's like running as root on Linux !